Cuticle Oil Paradise 15ml
Cuticle Oil Paradise 15ml
Cuticle Oil Paradise 15ml

Cuticle Oil Paradise 15ml


Cuticle Oil Paradise:

Cuticle oils are the perfect solution for those wishing to achieve beautiful, moisturised and healthy looking nails. 

Our Kohana cuticle oils are deliciously scented and contain a melody of seven specially selected natural oils and Vitamin-E, to help nurture and feed those dry cuticles and surrounding skin. These oils can help regenerate and aid in the recovery of damaged nails, as they are intensely moisturising with a natural oil complex which only helps the recovery process. 

Due to the unique formulation of these seven precious oils; macadamia oil, grape-seed oil, linseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and castor oil, also including Vitamin-E, the nail plate and cuticles will be nourished, moisturised and well cared for. 

The power of these natural ingredients will help protect the natural nail, to help prevent splitting and breakage. (Results from continued and regular use). 

These sumptuous cuticle oils are wonderfully scented to make your nails and hands smell divine. Our Kohana perfumed cuticle oils contain specially selected aromatic compositions which are extremely durable, long lasting and tempting to all!

Find your scent:

Paradise – tempt everyone with fanciful scents of watermelon and citrus! This cuticle oil is a real burst of floral and juicy freshness! Containing amazing aromas of sweet apple, fresh watermelon and zesty grapefruit, together mixed with floral notes of tuberose, convallaria, rose and violet - all intertwined with daring and brave sandalwood and ambrette chords giving this cuticle oil a delicious scent of fresh and flirty fun! Zingy and sing with this fresh cuticle oil.

Euphoria – this cuticle oil combines the scent of blackcurrants with notes of stunning freesia, rose and vanilla. Additionally the aroma is enriched with beautiful musk tree base notes. This cuticle oil is familiar, warm, sweet and tender, but refreshing all in the same moment! It is a real pleasure to enjoy.

Opulence – with subtle notes of citrus and tangerine, and full-bodied freshness of roses, this oil is sure to capture your attention. With ylang-ylang, orange flower and tuberose, this is a combination for sophisticated and sensual individuals, with a positive and strong outlook on life. A traditional perfume scent to make everyone really feel opulent and superior. 

Serenity – with a truly gorgeous flower composition, this cuticle oil scent is a floral bouquet with a perfect fresh and sweet twist. With noble notes of iris, orange flower and jasmine, enhanced by deep chords of patchouli and praline, this heavenly composition is then brought to perfection with the delicious aroma of juicy raspberries to top everything off. This scent is sure to delight everyone.

Allure – a sensual and independently sweet fragrance, for those who want to pursue their goals and dreams. A note of black coffee enriched with the scent of jasmine, orange flower and pink pepper, which intertwines with the aroma of patchouli and vanilla, this cuticle oil wraps you in a blissful scent of sweet caring perfume for you to enjoy for hours. 

Kohana Cuticle Oils 15ml:

- composition of seven natural oils 

- aids to help strengthen the natural nail plate

- helps prevent against nail splitting and breaking

- natural ingredients provide excellent nourishment and moisture

- easy application with comfortable pipette, included in bottle

- perfect as a gift for everyone! 

 For best results: 

- Add a small amount of cuticle oil to clean, dry cuticles and nail plate. 

- Apply a small amount of oil onto each nail, (hands and feet).

- Massage into the skin and surrounding nail area using upward circular motions.

- Leave cuticle oil on the nails to soak in and restore natural oils and moisture.

- Rinse free formula thanks to the natural ingredients.

- Use every evening, especially after manicure or pedicure treatments.

- Avoid contact with broken skin. 

*Top Tips: 

- Do not apply cuticle oil immediately onto freshly cured Top Coat, as it can dull the shine. Allow the Top Coat to cool down for 1-2 mins after full curing in a LED lamp, before applying any cuticle oil. 

- When using Matte Top Coats apply cuticle oil as normal. After cuticle oil application, carefully wipe the surface of the nail where the Super Matt Top Coat is applied with Cleaner No 1. ‘Ready’, to remove excess oil and shine on the Matte Top Coat, while leaving the oil on the surrounding skin areas. 

- If using cuticle oil during the manicure procedure, (e.g: for hard skin removal, skin polishing treatments etc.), ensure to thoroughly remove all traces of oil before continuing with product applications for gel polish manicures, pedicure treatments etc. Remaining oil residue can cause product lifting and no adherence. Wash off the  oily residue with soap and water, and clean well with Cleaner No 1. ‘Ready’.

- Apply cuticle oil on top of the nail, to the cuticle areas, and also to the underneath of the nail on the free edge for ultimate moisturising. 

Possible clouding may occur within the product due to the natural ingredients. 

Keep out of reach of children. 

Store in a cool dark place. 

Quantity: 1pc

Capacity: 15ml

Cuticle Oil Paradise 15ml