Cuticle Oils

Cuticle oils are the perfect solution for those wishing to achieve beautiful, moisturised and healthy looking nails. 

Our Kohana cuticle oils are deliciously scented and contain a melody of seven specially selected natural oils and Vitamin-E, to help nurture and feed dry cuticles and surrounding skin. These oils can help regenerate and aid in the recovery of damaged nails, as they are intensely moisturising with a natural oil complex which only helps the recovery process. 

Due to the unique formulation of these seven precious oils; macadamia oil, grape-seed oil, linseed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, soybean oil, and castor oil, also including Vitamin-E, the nail plate and cuticles will be nourished, moisturised and well cared for. 

The power of these natural ingredients will help protect the natural nail, to help prevent splitting and breakage. (Results from continued and regular use). 

These sumptuous cuticle oils are wonderfully scented to make your nails and hands smell divine. Our Kohana perfumed cuticle oils contain specially selected aromatic compositions which are extremely durable, long lasting and tempting to all!

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