Live Sale

Are you ready for the most out of this world crazy SALE!?!

This unique sale is a brand new and exciting event happening here at Beauty Vision with Kohana Professional especially for you! An unbelievable special sale across a variety of nail products and tools with unbeatable prices, with up to a whopping 50% off. You would be crazy to miss it! Each sale is a surprise, so you need to be there to see what's on offer!!!!! 

How does this work I hear you ask?

We will host a very special Instagram LIVE. A live video stream where the products that will be on sale will be revealed and ONLY during the time of the Instagram live video you will be able to purchase the products from our website! The products will be listed here for you to find with ease, but they will only be available for this restricted time! So get ready to WATCH AND SHOP!

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