Neon Pigments

Neon Pigments collection available in 12 spectacular, highly saturated colours. Create an amazing rainbow smoky effect, unique ombré and colourful nail art designs. A little bit of practice and the stunning effect is ready. Make the classic manicure look dashing and unique. The smoke effect looks best on the black background.

How to create a Smoky Effect?

1. Prepare the nail and apply the primer.

2. Apply the base coat (cure for 30 seconds).

3. Apply two layers of black gel polish (cure each layer in the lamp for 30 seconds).

4. Wipe off the sticky layer of the cured black gel polish and matt the nail surface with a buffer.

5. Apply the white art gel and blur with the acetone.

6. Cure under the lamp (30sec).

7. Rub the desired neon pigment colour(s) into the smoky pattern.

8. Brush off the pigment excess with a soft brush.

9. Apply a Top Coat and cure in the lamp (30sec).

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