Striping Tape

Thin self-adhesive foil for decorating natural, gel, acrylic and hybrid nails.

The foil is very easy to use and create many unique patterns and nail art designs.

Width: 1mm

• Self-adhesive & very easy to use

• Works great on gel, acrylic and natural nails

• Unique designs – the tape adapts well to the nail

• 1mm thin width creates a delicate and precise decorations

• A wide range of colours to choose from

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Cure the gel polish colour, wipe it & matt the nail surface (this ensure better tape adhesion), wipe with the acetone cleaner and stick the striping tape to the nail and cut to the desired length. The next step is to protect it with a Top Coat. To ensure durability, remember not to apply the tape on cuticles and nail tips.

Quantity: 1pc

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