Pearl Gloss Effect

Pearl Gloss Effect – is a fine dust with a beautiful shine. This inconspicuous powder

stays slightly visible on a light colour until the light sweeps across your nails! Then the

magic happens and your nails become the pearly effect.

Depending on the base colour applied underneath, the final result can either be subtle or

with a strong, eye-catching accent.

The effect is long-lasting and will please your eyes for many weeks!

The powder is suitable for all colours. Get the most of the powder colour when applying

on a dark base.

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Capacity: 0,5g


1. Apply your gel polish colour and cure it in the lamp.

2. Apply no wipe Top Coat and cure it in the lamp.

3. Once cured, rub in the powder with your finger or applicator.

4. Remove any excess of the powder with a soft brush.

5. Finish applying a top coat but make sure that the free edge of the nail is well protected

and cure in the lamp.

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