The Galaxy Sparkle collection will make you feel like a star!  Let the ‘pixels’ sparkle on your nails and create a stunning eye-catching manicure.The Galaxy Sparkle is suitable for all shades of Gel Polish. Apply it on your favourite Gel Polish Colour and enjoy the effect! The Galaxy Sparkle is available in 3 different shades: Milky Way, Moon Light and Venus. 

Give your manicure a sparkling mermaid effect! Simple application and a WOW look guaranteed! The final effect depends on the Gel Polish colour used as a base. Apply it on a Black Gel Polish to fully bring out the dust colour. So many combinations and so much fun! The mermaid dust comes in small pots and is available in 5 different shades: Mermaid Gold, Mermaid Blue, Mermaid Turquoise, Mermaid Green, Mermaid Rainbow.In addition, the Mermaid Dust is long-lasting so you can enjoy the shine for weeks!

Glitter - a collection of 18 different shades of nail glitter. This wide range of colours will let you create a very unique manicure for any occasion. The glitter particles are bigger than the Mermaid Dust but smaller than the Galaxy Sparkle. Once you try one, you will want to have them all! Enjoy the phenomenal shine and feel special, you desert it!For the best result, it is advisable to apply the glitter on a similar colour base.This way you will get a maximum depth of colour.

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